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“Little Girl in the Mirror, a book of creative non-fiction, has the feel of a novel; is a masterful glimpse of history, and a loving memoir.” 

—Sheldon Currie, Author, Playwright


“A bildungsroman, this simple compassionate tale sticks with you long after reading the final words on the page. You come away affected by Cathy’s story—wishing you could reach inside the pages and give the lonely girl a hug.”

—David McPherson, Author of The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern: A Complete History


“Tara Mondou weaves various threads from her family’s past—faded photographs, oft-told tales, intimate revelations— into Little Girl in the Mirror, Cathy’s Story: a poignant telling of her mother’s resilience during a childhood filled with cruelty and neglect.”

—Martin de Groot, Former Arts and Culture columnist for the Waterloo Region Record 


“An intricate tapestry among women is weaved and rooted in resilience and determination. Desperation, betrayal and isolation are veiled on tumultuous journeys of endurance and endless courage.”

—Silvana Sangiuliano, Author, Poet


“Little Girl in the Mirror tells the tale of courage, disappointment, strife and love; a story that reminds us of the legacy of parenting and how one generation’s experience indelibly colours the next.”

—Theresa Albert, Author, Innkeeper, Communications Consultant, Nutritionist


“Evoking a true sense of place and character through rich descriptions, Mondou invites readers deep into this moving story about taking risks, learning to forgive, and having the courage to move on.” 

— Jennifer Dinsmore, Freelance Editor


“Little Girl in the Mirror was a book that I just couldn’t put down. I was so drawn to the characters and their settings; what a flood of emotions they created!”

 —Marilyn Helmer, Author of Fog Cat


“This book is about the complex relationships between mothers and daughters; a story about love, loneliness, yearning, neglect, and second chances. By drawing the reader back through the rich tapestry of a family's history, Mondou presents a heartwarming and sad yet beautiful tale of strong women.”

—Mark Leslie (Lefebvre), Author, Professional Speaker, Bookseller


“An incredible book and a fabulous story! One minute I was smiling, the next I was crying.”

—Leslie Gordon Christie, Health & Lifestyle Specialist, Host The Buff Mom TV


“This is a book that will haunt long after the covers are closed.”

—Jockie Loomer-Kruger, Author/Illustrator of Valley Child - A Memoir


" I find myself daydreaming as I go about my day on the lives of Cathy and Rita. I wish I could have met them, and a part of me feels I already have, as I stepped back in time reading their captivating story. The author was meant for that era herself as she writes with vintage flair and femininity. One can only wish these women could step out of the book. Thus, it is heartwarming to know that these women truly lived. I laughed, I cried, I neglected dishes and laundry, to be able to soak in every word, and I look forward to seeing another book published by Tara Mondou."

—Jessica Barber  

“'The little girl in the Mirror' is a story that brought out all kinds of emotion in me.

Love, admiration, anger and frustration.

I just wanted to hug Cathy and punch Mrs. Wrenn.

It also made me reflect on my relationship with my mom and the words that have never been said.

Tara, you transported me into your mom's childhood and I hope there is more to come.”

—Carmen Kula


“Loved the book Tara !! 
As a Cape Bretoner I appreciated the accuracy, specifically the phrases; brought me back to my own childhood. Your mom was one special lady...guess we know where you get it.”

—Annette MacDonald


I never knew your mom had such a horrible time...didn't like that Wren-woman.
Catherine would be very proud of you.
Tears in eyes at your tribute at the end."

 —Murray Dalgarno


"I have started reading your book and am loving it!!! What a wonderful testament of love for your mother...sharing her story! You have a gift of story-telling and I hope you will keep writing. Thank you for this wonderful gift!"
—Doris Issa


“Tara in my 70 years, this is only the second book that I could not put down until I was finished." 
—Steve Bohms

The story follows a young girl named Cathy, as she is taken by her mother and transplanted halfway across the country in an attempt to build a better life for them both. As the story unfolds, readers are invited to participate with Cathy as she navigates the challenges of living independently in a single-parent household. Readers quickly develop a close bond with Cathy, comforting and encouraging her as they would a member of their own family. Tara’s story inspired me to look deeper into my own personal relationships. I sincerely look forward to reading the next installment about Cathy.

—Peggy Davidson

The Little Girl in the Mirror is a story that touched me deeply.  Knowing Cathy in her adult life as a vibrant woman full of life, and learning that this was her story, her beginning, left me with the realization of how fascinating the human experience is.  Cathy’s story is one of strength, and finding the light in darkness as well as the innocence, resilience and intelligence of a young girl's spirit.  

—Nicole Petersen

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