Tara Mondou’s life-long interest in reading books and telling stories has developed into a passion for writing and editing. As a first time author, she wrote, Little Girl in the Mirror, the heart-wrenching true story of her mother’s childhood growing up in both Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and Stratford, Ontario in the 1950s.


Until recently, Tara worked for Best Version Media as the Editor for Neighbours of West Galt and Shade’s Mills magazines, two local publications in Cambridge, Ontario. She is the Chair Person for the Waterloo Regional Block Parent® Program, developing programs that encourage children to be more physically active, healthy and safe.


In 2017, Tara co-founded a writers support group called Cambridge Authors, where by collaborating with Idea Exchange, is creating opportunities and special events to help support and promote local writers and the literary arts.


Tara is also the 2018 recipient of the Bernice Adams Memorial Award for Communication/Literary Arts, and has recently become the Public Relations Director for Guitars for Kids Waterloo Region.


Tara lives in the West Galt area of Cambridge with her husband and two young daughters.