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Book Club Questions for "Little Girl in the Mirror"


Has your Book Club decided to read "Little Girl in the Mirror"? Does your group have questions about the story? Would they like to meet the author? Go to the Contact tab to invite me to your Book Club. I'd love to meet you and answer your questions. Here are a few to get you started!

1. Why didn’t Cathy try harder to tell her family what was happening with Mrs. Wrenn?

2. What was going on in Rita’s life that stopped her from being the kind of mother she should have been?

3. What does the reader think was “wrong” with Mrs. Wrenn?

4. Did the reader figure out who Janie’s mother was?

5. If you were Rita, what would you have done differently?

6. Do you think Cathy would have been better off in Cape Breton? Why?

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